10 Bathroom utilities you need to shop from Amazon to organise and declutter the space

Here is all that you want to organise your bathroom space and make it more charming. Check it out!

There is only one place in your home that gives the time and privacy to be yourself and relax from everyday drudgery, the bathroom. Bathroom hygiene is very important and is said that a home’s cleanliness can be marked just by looking at the bathroom. Since we use them every day there is a high chance that the space is messy and cluttered. All you need are a few bathroom utilities to amp up the style of your bathroom space and organise them perfectly. Scroll down and shop the needful.

Cosmetic storage box

Is your space filled with skin care creams, personal hygiene lotions and everything in a state of pell-mell? Get yourself a storage box to keep your skincare items and other necessities in a well-organised format so that you can spot them easily and keep them in clean condition.

Price: Rs  399

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Vanity tray

A multi-purpose tray in your bathroom where you place folded towels and other dry items including a plant to add aesthetic value to the bathroom space is a good idea. It makes the place look more homely and organised. As it”s easily portable you can move them aside when needed.

Price: Rs  799

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Towel rack

Another important factor is a towel rack. This towel rack with a swivel towel bar and 8 towel hook design is a space-saving utility that keeps towels neat and also seamlessly matches any style of decor. 

Price: Rs  999

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Toiletry stand


A toiletry stand is all that you need to achieve a well-organised bathroom space. Perfect for hold moisturizers, lotions, scissors, brushes, deodorants, dental floss, razors, and makeup; this stand can store your grooming essentials in one space.


Price: Rs  499

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Mirror cabinet

On account of space-saving, you can opt for a mirror cabinet that easily provides room for your everyday products in the bathroom. It also keeps your valuables safe from water splashes and other uneventful disasters.

Price: Rs  1644

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Mop holder

This mop holder can be used on wood, glass, ceramic tiles, metal surfaces and so on, but not suitable for wallpaper, paint wall, unfinished marble, uneven surface. This self-adhesive mop and broom holder makes your bathroom space look more organised and perfect. It will get your guests go-oh wow!

Price: Rs 399

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Storage wall

This wall hanging storage organizer is ideal for small bathrooms. Save space and make use of the walls to store your needful items. Place your watch, chain and even spectacles before bath in this storage kit and never again worry about running back and forth.

Price: Rs 499

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Soap holder

What’s a bathroom without a soap holder?!  This wall mounted soap dish makes it easy for you to reach for the soap every time and saves space rather than keeping it in a soapbox.  

Price: Rs 664.05

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Organiser tray

To keep the bathroom cleaning utilities like handwash, sponges and other products that possibly become wet often due to its use, save a separate tray for them. Different organiser trays for wet and dry products are beneficial for the product life too and make it easy for your use.

Price: Rs 299

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Toothbrush stand

With enough space to hold a regular toothbrush, electric toothbrush, toothpaste, shaver, facial cleanser, comb, eyebrow trimmer and so on, this bathroom utility is a must buy to keep your things organised and fresh. They come with a removable design at the bottom for easy cleaning.


Price: Rs 449

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