4 Zodiac signs who would any day prefer a MOVIE over a book

There has always been this debate about what is better- movies or books? Check out these 4 zodiac signs who are pretty clear about their stand on this and who would definitely prefer watching a movie over reading a book.

4 Zodiac signs who would any day prefer a MOVIE over a book

Sure, reading a book is relaxing and therapeutic. It transports you to a different world and you have the luxury to imagine the characters according to your creativity. But have you ever paid attention to the colourful and glamorous escape that movies offer?

While watching a movie you get lost in the world shown on the screen. You like the action, the noise and the thrill that watching a movie involves. So if you are one of those people who would any day choose watching a movie instead of reading a book, then it is most likely that you belong to one of these 4 zodiac signs.


Cancerians are imaginative beings who prefer watching a movie instead of reading a book. This is because they like to watch something that will keep them on their toes and that would keep their creative and imaginative mind occupied.


Leos are energetic and creative people, who like watching a movie and observing various aspects of it, right from the costumes and the sets to the songs. They get inspiration from movies and love the colour and vibrancy associated with them.


Since reading is a lonely task and Librans are social butterflies, they will prefer planning a fun movie night with their friends and preparing fresh popcorn to go with it instead of reading a book all by themselves.


Sagittarians are too impatient to read a book. Instead of reading a book every day and patiently waiting to find out what’ll happen next, they would definitely prefer watching an edge-of-the-seat thriller.

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