5 nastiest food fights on Bigg Boss 14

When we were kids we had pillow fights, but when you are on Bigg Boss 14, you get into food fights! This season of the TV reality show saw some of the nastiest brawls on national television that raised the entertainment quotient. From throwing a bucket of water on a co-contestant (Rubina Dilaik and Rakhi’s fight) to breaking someone’s elbow (Aly Goni’s anger on Kavita Kaushik), this season of the TV reality show was all about major physical fights, crass language and ugly spats. But, what stood out was the fight over food in the house.

With Bigg Boss 14 finale just two days away, let us recall some of the fights that happened in the house over ration, snacks and kitchen duties. Have you also been forced to mute the TV owing to their ear-piercing, high-pitched screams?


When we talk about food fights, the first name that comes to our mind is that of Sonali Phogat. The actor-politician had entered the show as a wild card entry but got evicted later due to less votes. In one of the episodes, Arshi Khan was seen cooking while Sonali ate her meal. Arshi informed her that the ration was limited and said, “Inko Rakhi Sawant ke paranthe khila diye, maine kaha mere kha lo. Chaar paranthe de diye. Aur bolo? (I gave her Rakhi’s and my own paranthas, she has had four paranthas, what more does she want)?”

Sonali began crying and threw her food in the dustbin which infuriated the other contestants. Rubina said, “Inka VIP nature hai, usko adjust kar rahe hain, iska ye matlab nahi hai ki wo ann ka anaadar karengi. Please apne ghar pe jaa kar ye sab karein (She has a VIP nature and we are adjusting, But that does not mean she will disrespect food. She should kindly take all this to her home).”

Sonali cried and said, “Aisa din bhi dekhna padega khane ke liye (Who thought I’d have see such a time for food).”

This was not the first time that Sonali threw food inside Bigg Boss 14 house. Earlier in an episode, she had dumped her plate and the food on it after a fight with Nikki Tamboli. Nikki then stormed inside the bedroom and told the politician, “Aap besharam ho ke khana fenk rahe ho? Yaha pe ann nahi mil raha, aap fenke jaa rahe ho. Isliye mai aapko bolti hu bewakoof (You are shamelessly throwing food when we are not getting enough! This is why I call you stupid).”

The duo then got aggressive with each other.

In a conversation with IndiaToday.in earlier about her food fights, Sonali had said, “My worst memory on the show is that I was humiliated for a piece of bread. Rubina used to throw away 10-15 pieces of rotis daily. Arshi used to keep her leftovers in the fridge for days and then throw it later. The same people tortured me mentally about food. I was hurt and even cried for being insulted for a small issue like this. They treated me very badly just to appear on the screen.”


In one of the episodes, Rubina Dilaik and Eijaz Khan got into an ugly spat and Abhinav Shukla had to step in. Like many times before, even this time, the cause of the fight was food. In a luxury budget task, Eijaz started eating more food and Rubina taunted him saying, “Impulsively khaane se tum log ke pet kharaab honge (You guys are going to fall sick if you keep eating impulsively).”

Eijaz asked her not to show her concern since it was his own stomach. This led to a fight between the duo. At one point, Eijaz gave a clap on Rubina’s hand that irked her and she said, “Don’t touch me without my permission.” Abhinav Shukla, who was sitting quietly till now, also came in between Eijaz and Rubina and warned him saying, “Do not come close to my wife.”


In an earlier episode, Bigg Boss 14 contestants were punished for breaking rules in a task and all their rations were taken away. They were required to fight for basic necessities in the house. They were given survival kits but apparently, it was not sufficient for them. Hence, they were all seen fighting for food and blaming each other over it. They even stole food and entered the room where the food was kept. This was against the rules of the ongoing task which led to furious fights amongst them.


When Vikas Gupta had entered Bigg Boss 14, Salman Khan gave him a secret task – to get rid of all the rations of the house in 4 days. This led to an ugly fight between Arshi Khan and Vikas. She even suspected that he had got a secret task and that’s why he was finishing all the rations of the house. Abhinav also joined in and talked about the issue of rationing.


In one of the episodes, Rubina Dilaik and Rakhi Sawant got into an ugly spat over kitchen duties. Rubina got upset when she saw Rakhi Sawant making lunch in her absence. Angered by this, Rubina said, “I had told you I will be making the lunch.” Rakhi replied that everyone was feeling hungry. To this, Rubina said, “So you are trying to make an impression that I am not doing my work.” Rakhi then asked her not to pick up fights with her for no reason.


This season of the controversial reality show went by its tagline – Ab Scene Paltega – quite literally as it failed to win the hearts of its audience. One of the reasons it turned out to be the worst was because of contestants fighting on trivial matters. Interestingly, contestants like Nikki Tamboli and Rahul Vaidya, who have watched the previous seasons of Bigg Boss, felt that the show was all about fights. And that’s what they have been doing since day one. These food fights were a common occurence in the house since day 1.

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