Aaliya Kashyap: What a pity you are at night .. all this because of them! Star Director Daughter Emotional Comments – anurag kashyap’s daughter aaliya kashyap trolled by netizens


  • Alia Kashyap is the daughter of Anurag Kashyap who is giving birth to Nettinta Heat
  • The fuss that started with sharing bikini photos
  • Unexpectedly bitter experience

Given the growing influence of social media, it is understandable that celebrities and ordinary people are nowhere to be seen. While celebrities are attracting their children with hot photos for their self-promotions, netizens are making provocative comments. This has made trolling more common in recent times. In some cases, celebrities face threats along with trolling. Alia Kashyap, daughter of Bollywood director Anurag Kashyap, has recently become emotional, saying that she has faced such a situation.

Alia Kashyap, who is currently pursuing higher education in America, is always posting hot photos on her social media account. Her hobby is to create heat on online platforms with glamorous photos even more than today’s models. Alia, however, said that trolling had taken place on the photos she had recently shared, with some people commenting with obscene words and being offended. In a recent interview with a YouTube channel, she went on a rampage about her trolling.

He made obscene comments for sharing bikini photos, comparing himself to a prostitute and asking, ‘How much is your rate per night?’ Alia says asking. She also said that some people are threatening to rape and kill at the same time. She says she is being told to be ashamed of doing such posts just because she is Indian. However, Alia said that she was very upset with the incident. She said that she understood how sensitive she was.
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Alia said she has been blocking any negative comment on her social media since then. Responding to her film entry, she openly said that she did not want to come into the movies.


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