Air Pollution Led to 12000 Deaths in Bengaluru in 2020: Report

Bangalore: Bangalore is a city of lush greenery with parks and trees at every step of the way. Those who wanted to breathe fresh air would love to go to this park. But, at present Bangalore pollution is rampant in the corals. The fact that the air there is not very clean is a matter of concern to nature lovers. The worst cities in Delhi and Mumbai, which have been plagued by air pollution, have now reached Bangalore.

Third city ..
The air in the Bangalore metropolis is now full of pollution. According to the Greenpeace Survey, Garden City of India Bangalore ranks third in the country in air pollution. The first two places are Mumbai and Delhi. Air pollution killed 1,200 people in Bangalore last year. In Delhi, which is most affected by air pollution, 54,000 people die, while in Mumbai, 25,000 people die. The death toll in Delhi is staggering compared to many major cities around the world. PM in just five cities worldwide. 2.5 The report states that approximately 160,000 people died from air pollution. However, it is a matter of concern that Delhi is at the forefront of the list of cities affected by severe air pollution in the world.

Slightly better with lockdown .. same condition
Although air quality appears to have improved somewhat this year due to a severe lockdown, air pollution is a major problem facing people. Air pollution can seriously damage health. For a pollution-free environment, sustainable solutions need to be found to increase greenery and develop pollution-free alternative modes of transport. Experts believe that it is urgent for governments to make the necessary investments.

“Polluted air increases the risk of cancer and heart attack in humans. It exacerbates the lung problem and exacerbates the covid effect, ”said Avinash Chanchal, Greenpeace India Climate Campaigner. “Adopting a low-cost, carbon-neutral transportation system, promoting walking and cycling, and using a public transportation system can help reduce air pollution to some extent. However, the use of walking, cycling and public transport will not only improve public health, but also save the public and improve the economy, ”Chanchal said.

Effect of pollution on children
The 2015 ‘Breath Blue 15 Survey’ found that the impact of pollution on school children was severe. The Lung Health Screening Test (LHST) tests show that 14 per cent of school children in Bangalore are in the bad category. This was revealed by examining 2,000 students between the ages of 8 and 12.

21 per cent in Mumbai
14 per cent in Bangalore
13 per cent in Kolkata

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