Akshara Telugu Movie And Rating

Title‌: Character
Genre: Crime thriller
Cast: Nandita Shweta, Shakalaka Shankar, Ajay Ghosh, Madhunandan, Satya, Harshavardhan etc.
Construction Company: Cinema Hall Entertainment
Producer: Alluri Suresh Verma, Ahiteja Bellamkonda
Directed by: B. Chinnikrishna
Music: Suresh Bobbili
Cinematography: Naresh Banelli
Release Date: February 26, 2021

‘Akshara’ is a movie starring heroine Nandita Shweta in the lead role. The film opens with a message-themed discussion of the shortcomings of the education system. Already released teaser and trailer have sparked interest in the film. In addition to that, the promotions also made it grand and created hype on the film. In the midst of many speculations, let’s see in the review how much the audience was impressed with the ‘character’ that came out to the audience on February 26th.

Akshara (Nandita Shweta) is a Physics Lecturer in a private educational institution called Vidya Vidhan. Sritej (Sritej), who is the board director of the same college, falls in love with Akshara at first sight. Meanwhile, Walther Boys Madhu Sundhan, Satya and Shankar from the colony where Akshara resides are in love with each other without knowing each other. Know her preferences and follow them to impress the character. The character does not know this. Going to college .. Her daily routine is to spend time in the library after teaching. As well as fighting over the education system. In this sequence she approaches Sritej. One day Sritej‌ took the letter to a place to say the word in his mind. Before revealing his love story, Akshara suddenly pulls a gun out of his bag and shoots Sritej. Apart from that, Akshara also kills the police officer who is investigating the case. Why did Akshara kill the original Sritej? What is the original character flashback? Why is Sanjay Swarup, the owner of Vidya Vidhan Private Institutions, so angry with Akshar? The rest of the story is about the characters of Shakalaka Shankar, Madhunandan, Satya and Ajay Ghosh.

The main strength of this film is the role of Nandita Shweta. She appeared in the movie Akshara, a lecturer. Some emotional‌ scenes are also well cultivated. Sanjay Swaroop has acted as the head of educational institutions to the best of his ability. Harshavardhan’s role in Flashback takes the film to another level. He performed well as a public school teacher. Also Shakalaka Shankar, Satya and Madhunandan acted to their extent.

What difficulties do students face due to pressure from private educational institutions? Akshara is a film that shows how corporate educational institutions play with students’ lives for ranks and marks. However, the director chose Chinnikrishna’s concept but failed to show it on screen. He added unnecessary comedy to the good story and made the film stand out. The director, who led Faustoff with the whole comedy, gave a twist in the interval bang and made the secondoff interesting. Although the original story was told in the second half .. he also inserted unnecessary comedy there. He also watered down the trial of the case with infamous comedy. The scenes in the last half hour are a big plus for the film. The conversations Harshavardhan says make everyone think.

The shortcomings in the education system are nicely shown. Giduturi Satya Editing‌ is just the tip of the iceberg. In most of his scenes he had to work his scissors. Naresh Banelli Cinematography is good. Construction values ​​are good for storytelling.

Plus points
Nandita Shweta acting
Interval‌ Bang‌

Minus points
Story, narrative
Unnecessary comedy
Routine‌ climax‌

– Anji Shetty, Witness Webdesk

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