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All The Old Knives movie download, All The Old Knives English Subtitles Download SUBS-SRT

All The Old Knives English Subtitles Download: All the Old Knives is a 2022 American spine chiller film composed by Janus Metz Pedersen and with a screenplay by Olen Steinhauer. It relies upon the novel of a comparable name by Steinhauer. It stars Chris Pine, Thandiwe Newton, Laurence Fishburne, Jonathan Pryce and David Dawson. The film was conveyed in confined theaters and on cutting edge on Amazon Prime Video on April 8, 2022.


  • Chris Pine as Henry Pelham
  • Thandiwe Newton as Celia Harrison
  • Laurence Fishburne as Vick Wallinger
  • David Dawson as Owen Lassiter
  • Jonathan Pryce as Bill Compton
  • Gala Gordon as Waitress
  • Corey Johnson as Karl Stein
  • Abdul Alshareef as Suleiman Abdulwahed
  • Colin Stinton as Moscow Staff Chief
  • Ahd Kamel as Laila Maroof
  • David Bedella as Drew Favreau


In mid 2020, CIA expert Henry Pelham is instructed by his boss, Vick Wallinger, that the CIA has continued the occurrence of Turkish Alliance 127, a 2012 dread based oppressor holding onto which completed in adversity. Headquarters suspects there was an opening from the Vienna station, where Henry and Vick work. Henry is delivered off interview Celia Harrison, who similarly worked at the Vienna station at the hour of the catching. Henry and Celia were darlings, but she left him not long after the event.

Celia, by and by surrendered, lives in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California with her friends and family. Henry meets her at an upscale diner, which is practically empty of clients and staff. As Henry and Celia talk, she reveals that an Austrian information expert named Karl Stein advanced toward her not long after she moved to Carmel. He accepted her ought to enlighten on her partners, yet she denied. Henry has Celia recall the events of the laying hold of.

In a flashback to 2012, Flight 127 is on the runway when it is seized by four prepared aggressors having a spot with an Islamic dread based oppressor pack. The Vienna station acts rapidly to address the crisis and finds that Ilyas Shushani, a Chechen and past hotspot for Henry, may be involved. The looters take more time to kill the explorers with the exception of in the event that a couple of their buddies are liberated from power. Ahmed, a CIA dispatch who ended up being on the plane, contacts the CIA and suggests an attack through the plane’s underside. Celia interacts with a potential source named Mohammed, but the social affair appears to not yield anything of huge worth. Henry tells Celia and her aide, Bill Compton, that when Henry worked in Moscow his supervisors obliged him to sell out Ilyas to the Russian Government to mollify them after a manipulator attack.

The Vienna station receives another message from Ahmed saying that the mental assailants have a camera mounted on the plane’s underside and the assault should be called off. Celia sees contrasts in the language of Ahmed’s messages and fears he has been compromised. Checking the station’s phone logs, she sees that a call to Iran was put from Bill’s office phone. At the point when the manipulators’ solicitations are not met, they release sarin gas, ending it all, the group, and all voyagers. The Vienna station is squashed by the outcome. The next day, Celia heads out in different directions from Henry and leaves Vienna.

In the present, Henry asks concerning why she cut off their fellowship so out of nowhere. Celia reveals that she saw a call on Henry’s cellphone from a comparable Iranian number that she found in the station phone logs. Understanding that Henry was the opening, she left him anyway didn’t uncover her divulgence to the CIA. She further concedes that, after Henry contacted her to arrange this social affair, she contacts Karl Stein. He coordinated the social affair place, the staff, and fake clients, completely plan on hurting Henry through his wine.

As Henry gives up to the harmful substance, Celia sadly asks with respect to why he sold out everyone to the mental oppressors. He sorts out that he was bedeviled into a get-together with Ilyas, who had become radicalized and arranged the catching. Ilyas’ kinfolk organized the social affair among Mohammed and Celia to make the inclination such Celia’s existence was in danger; this drove Henry into revealing the underside assault plan as a trade-off for her life.

All The Old Knives English Subtitles Download

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  • The film is a spin-off of the TV series “Wu Assassins,” and the heroes of that show likewise show up here.


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