April 28 Em Jarigindi Telugu Movie Review And Rating

Title‌: What happened on April 28?
Genre: Suspense thriller
Cast: Ranjith, Sherry Agarwal, Tanikella Bharani, Rajiv Kanakala, Chammak Chandra, Thotapalli Madhu etc.
Construction Company: VG Entertainment
Producer & Director: Veeraswamy
Music: Sandeep Kumar
Cinematography: Sunil Kumar
Release Date: February 27, 2021

Movie lovers who have been away from theaters for a few months due to Corona are now enjoying past entertainment. Audiences are flocking to large-scale theaters with one hundred per cent sitting allowed. Our Tollywood directors and producers are testing their luck by releasing a series of films with good response from the audience. It is entertaining movie lovers by releasing four movies every week. Also this week, more than half a dozen films have already been released along with Nitin Chekho. The latest ‘What Happened on April 28’ movie was released on Saturday (February 27). This is a suspense thriller. The film stars Ranjith and Sherry in the lead roles. The trailer, which has already been released, has received a positive response to the teaser and has sparked interest in the film. And to what extent did this suspense thriller film scare the audience? Did Ranjith get a hit with his first film? Let’s see in the review.

Vihari (Ranjith) is a film writer. He has previously directed four successful films for a leading producer (Tanikella Bharani). But a recent film will utterly flop. This puts pressure on the director to make the next film a definite hit. In addition to this, the famous director (Rajiv Kanakala) assigns dates to the producer, which further increases the pressure. To alleviate the pressure, his wife Pravalika (Sherry Agarwal) wants to spend a week away from the city with the children. Essay David (Ajay) is enraged in the middle of the road by a tourist who leaves in a car with his family. At David’s suggestion, Vihari goes with his family to a guest house in the village of Siripuram. On the first day he left, he felt that the building opposite the guest house where he landed wanted to say something to himself. Essay shares what he feels with David and shifts into the house. Did the hiker really want that house to say something? Who are the spirits in that house? Why did those spirits only appear to be the actual wanderer? What actually happened on April 28? That’s the rest of the story

Actress Actors
This is the first film for hero Ranjith. Ranjith is the son of famous film writer Elchuri Venkatrao. He acted well as long as it was the first film though. The whole story revolves around him. Heroine Sherry Agarwal did justice to her role. As a villain, Rajiv Kanaka impresses well. After a long time, Rajiv played a role that was conducive to acting. Ajay, Tanikella Bharani, Chammak Chandra etc. acted to their extent.

Horror movies have come a long way in Telugu. An abandoned room at the end of town. Ghosts in it .. Hero accidentally going there .. Flashback to ghosts .. Small twist. Almost all horror films are like this. But the outcome of the film depends on the way they are shown on the screen. The movie ‘What Happened on April 28’ is similar. The director chose the story of past films. If not he wanted to hit with small twists. But his thinking went awry. There are no thrilling scenes or scary scenes in the film. Fastoff goes a whole lot simpler. While the audience may not feel like they are watching an original horror movie, there are lots of boring scenes. There is nothing new in any of the scenes. And the interval twist seems to be a bit of a no-brainer. Even in the second half, the story feels stretched. Also the flashback of those demons is boring. In the climax, however, he gives a small twist and surprises the audience. Sandeep Kumar tried to scare some scenes with his background music. Sunil Kumar’s cinematography is okay. Construction values ​​are good for storytelling. All in all, there is nothing new in this movie for the viewers who watch horror movies regularly. In a word, what happened on April 28 did not happen.

Plus points
As long as Rajiv Kanakala, Ranjith acting
Background music

Minus points
Routine horror drama
Secondoff‌ Stretching Scenes

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