australia media law: The Australian government, Facebook shocked the media! – facebook blocks news sharing in australia over media law


  • Facebook shock to Australia as mentioned.
  • Australian law in favor of the media.
  • Google and Facebook are strongly opposed to the new law.

Social media giant Facebook has come as an unexpected shock to the Australian government and media organizations there. Australia has stopped sharing media articles through their platform since Wednesday night. The country is working to bring in a new law that would allow Facebook and Google to pay news organizations for news articles in Australia. This is strongly opposed by Facebook and Google.

When the bill was introduced in Parliament last December, the Senate Economic Registration Committee reported that no changes were needed. In this context, Facebook has banned the sharing of news on their platform in Australia. However the impact of these actions fell on the emergency services pages. Australian media outlets have stopped sharing news articles through Facebook pages since Thursday morning.

It severely affected fire, health, weather, and many emergency departments. Netizens are outraged that the situation should be resolved quickly as emergency services are disrupted. A Facebook spokesperson said the government’s official accounts were not affected and would be corrected if any accounts were accidentally affected.

It has also had an impact on NGOs, homegrown pages, and Facebook’s own page. She said information to Australians was severely restricted and censored. He commented that it was unthinkable to stop the practice of providing vital information to the whole country overnight.

Media outlets and the Australian government have also raised the issue. Concerns have been raised that blocking recognized news sources could allow misinformation to spread. Many Facebook pages that regularly promote misinformation and conspiracy theories were not affected by the ban. ‘Editorial policies need to be very careful in blocking the pages of companies that hire professional journalists with actual verification processes,’ said Communications Minister Paul Fletcher.


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