Sat. May 8th, 2021
    That’s itMedi is an irresistible beauty. The 27-year-old has competed in countless beauty pageants. Has won many awards. She is also very proud of that. But, now that beauty has cursed her milk. Pretty wondering why Puttana. Because .. she lost her job because of that beauty. What was the difficulty that came to this blonde from Romania? Those details ..

    Claudia Ardillian (27) is a former model. She got a job a week ago. She received an unpaid stipend on the board of the Romanian Pneumonia Clinical Hospital. Attended duties with joy at joining new job. She shared the photos and posted them on social media (Instagram) thanking the board members. However .. there was an unexpected response from netizens.

    Some netizens have criticized Claudia for giving her the job just because she is a blonde and a model. In the wake of these criticisms the Close City Council reversed its decision. Claudia was asked to resign from the job immediately. With this she reluctantly had to lose that job.

    After losing her job, Claudia spoke to a business magazine correspondent. Close City Council said it was surprised by the board’s decision. Some commented that the reactions were overwhelming. She said she had all the skills and qualifications needed for the job.

    ‘I read Law. I also have a degree in European Ethics. There are dual‌ degrees. A lawyer by profession. In addition I run my own hostess agency and event management companies. However, unfortunately, there are still biases in Romania today, ”said Claudia.

    ‘Beauty should not affect one’s career. Don’t stop, ‘said Claudia. On the other hand, Alin Tiss, president of the Close Council, said he was “deeply saddened” that Claudia had been fired. However, she explained that she must do so to avoid any doubts or blame regarding her appointment.

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