Bengal Poll Plan: Exercise started two years ago .. Didi has a bold lotus strategy .. Amitumi has two months left – Bjp tmc tug of war in bengal congress cpm in race

The whole country is watching the Bengal Assembly elections with excitement. At the same level the political developments there are changing rapidly. BJP strategically ready for Amitumi with ruling TMC

BJP, TMC tug of war in Bengal: The whole country is watching the Bengal Assembly elections with excitement. At the same level the political developments there are changing rapidly. The BJP, which is allied with the ruling TMC, is strategically pursuing Operation Aakash. Chief Minister and Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee is stepping up to the polls with unwavering courage and unwavering confidence. However .. BJP has been looking for Bengal .. When did it start the special campaign? When did Didi sharpen his tactics in return? These topics have become extremely interesting.

The NDA captain BJP had planned to fly the orange flag in Bengal two years ago, in 2019 itself. Didi, who had sensed the BJP’s moves in advance, turned to political strategist Prashant Kishore in retaliation. It all started when the 2019 parliamentary elections were over. On June 4, 2019, exactly 20 days after the BJP’s bumper victory at the national level, Mamata Banerjee began talks on her political strategy. An agreement has also been reached with Prashant Kishore for this.

Earlier, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had started making government schemes more popular. At the same time small crushing parties began to gallop. As part of this, he dragged Anwar Pasha and his colleagues into the party with the strategy of initially suppressing the MIM party, which was occasionally going to Bengal. They all joined TMC last November. Didi feels that if the party enters the Muslim-majority state of Bengal in the wake of the MIM’s influence in the recent Bihar elections, it will indirectly benefit the BJP. Hence the information that the MIM party is implementing a strategy of not going to Bengal.

On the one hand, the BJP has embarked on immigration as if it had not eaten enough to launch the Didi Operation Aakash. As part of this, on December 19, 2020, it invited five MLAs, including a key leader of the Trinamool Congress, MP Sunil Mandal. MLAs Banashree Meiti, Silb Drada Dutta, Biswajit Kundu, Sukra Munda and Saikat Panja joined the BJP. Four other MLAs from other parties have also joined the BJP. Union Home Minister Amit Shah himself is fortunate to have them in the party. MLA Dipali Biswas, who won for the CPM in 2016, joined the TMC in 2018 and recently jumped into the BJP. CPM MLAs Tapasi Mandal, Ashok Dinda, Congress MLA Sudeep Mukherjee and former TMC MP were among those who joined the BJP.

The BJP has started giving a series of shocks to the TMC as early as the new year 2021. On January 6, Bengal Sports Minister Lakshmiratan Shukla and on the 14th, MLA Jitendra Tiwari (Asansol) joined the BJP. Another TMC senior leader, Arindam Bhattacharya, joined the BJP on January 20. Another TMC leader, Rajiv Banerjee, who resigned as a minister on January 29, has joined the BJP. MP Dinesh Trivedi has also joined the BJP. With the launch of Mamata Batch Week, the BJP has also started lining up with popular film and cricket giants in Bengal. As part of this, Bengali actor Yash Das Gupta joined the BJP last week. Meanwhile, Kamal Nath has been pushing for the inclusion of former Team India captain and BCCI president Dada Saurabh Ganguly in the BJP. However, it is learned that the BJP left Ganguly with the idea that if Ganguly was hospitalized with a heart attack twice, he would be deceived in the first place.

If the BJP is showing such aggression, Didi is continuing its strategy with the courage of a plant. They continue to announce attractive schemes. Didi recently called on the Center to help distribute the corona vaccine free of cost to the people of Bengal. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has been busy announcing campaign plans as the Central Election Commission prepares to announce the Bengal Assembly election schedule for the first week of March. All in all .. TMC leaders and activists are trying to create as many obstacles as possible if BJP leaders come to the state. BJP leaders have alleged that the chief minister was behind this. It is a matter of concern as to what further the Bengal election campaign will unfold in this order.

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