Bharat Effect .. White House shocks Kamala Harris niece!

The spokeswoman clarified that US Vice President Kamala Harris and her family should have the highest moral standards. White House rules state that the name should not be used for any commercial purposes. The announcement comes in the wake of reports that Kamala Harris’ niece Meena Harris has demanded that she stop using the vice president’s name to boost her personal reputation. “It is the White House’s policy that the Vice President and her family uphold the highest ethical standards. According to a Los Angeles Times article, the White House has suggested that Kamala Harris not use her name to enhance her personal reputation. An official said that after the victory of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the election, the power transfer team Ethics Lawyers made key suggestions to Meena Harris in this regard. Grandmother Kamala said that the name should not be used anywhere. The Los Angeles Times reported that she had previously profited by selling clothing and other items in the name of Vice-President Kamala, which is not allowed under current rules. Meena Harris was questioned on social media on the matter but she has not yet responded. Meena’s name has been prominent in the media since Kamala Harris took over as US Vice President. It is learned that Meena Harris responded on Twitter in support of the farmers’ concern over the cultivation laws. Meena responds to the arrest of environmental activist Disha Ravi in ​​the toolkit affair. Tweeted about what is happening in India. Meena’s successive posts have drawn strong opposition from her supporters, including the Indian government. These have been described as an unexpected obstacle to Indo-US relations. Meena is accused of interfering in India’s internal affairs. The White House responded by saying that she had expressed her feelings as a citizen. There is a propaganda that India has influence behind the latest directives.


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