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Bigg Boss 5: Shriram Captain, Sunny in the corner

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Bigg Boss 5 Shriram Captain, Sunny in the corner

The captaincy task in Bigg Boss 5 finished yesterday. Sriram Chandra has been chosen as the new commander of the house. Manas and Sunny lost a limit of more than 10 kg in the captaincy task. Manas lost 6 kg in two days. The Sriram Chandra-Hamida pair completed second in weight reduction. Additionally in third spot are Shweta Verma-Annie Masters. Bigg Boss said the three couples will go to a higher level to vie for the captaincy. Every one of these three sets should remain in the captaincy race. After the last conversations, Sunny, Sriram Chandra and Shweta Varma remained in the captaincy race.

Each of the three need to explain to the home commander why they merit it. Just as cutting the remainder of the challengers saying who is ineligible. An ever increasing number of individuals wounded Sunny behind the scenes. Radiant was harmed in this matter. Many have hammered Sunny for not giving appropriate reasons. Sriram Chandra, who got less stabbings, was chosen as the chief of the house.

Additionally today you need to conclude who is the most exceedingly terrible hopeful in the house and who is the best contender. Furthermore, we need to see who will be.