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Bigg Boss 5 Telugu 4th Week Eliminations Complete List

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Bigg Boss 5 Telugu

The fourth seven day stretch of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 has reached a conclusion and that implies that we have the fourth disposal of the period. Prior to discovering who got wiped out, let us see what occurred in this evening’s scene.

The scene starts with the challengers playing out a melodic from the tunes of Nagarjuna starrer Ninne Pelladatha as the film finishes 25 years of its delivery. The housemates were then partitioned into two groups among them and requested to move to the nursery region. The candidates contended in Pictionary. Before long the pleasant undertaking was finished, the four selected contenders were called to the front. There was a gauging machine and four unique sacks of sand with the challengers name named on them. The most noteworthy gauging sack of sand will keep the competitor with their name on it safe. Anee ace was considered protected as her sack of sand gauged the most noteworthy.

Nagarjuna then, at that point, advised the challengers to accumulate into a circle in the focal point of the nursery region. He declared another undertaking named Daakko Meka. This errand had two competitors play against one another. One will be the tiger and one will be the goat. On the off chance that the tiger gets the goat inside 30 seconds, the tiger is protected and the goat will be protected if the tiger neglects to do as such. After the great undertaking staying three contenders were called to the front and were given one envelope each. Whosoever shows at least a bit of kindness in their envelope will be protected, and Siri was protected ultimately as she showed some care in her envelope.

The excess two assigned competitors Lobo and Nataraj Master were each snared to an ECG machine in the nursery region. The contender whose heart beat hits a level line will be killed. Following a strained couple of moments Nataraj Master’s ECG perusing showed a level line and he turned into the fourth competitor to be disposed of from Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5.

Prior to leaving, Nataraj Master was approached to allocate a creature to the contenders who he thinks takes after the creatures. He at long last uncovered who the smooth operator in the house is and it ended up being Anchor Ravi.