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Home » Bigg Boss Non Stop Telugu: Ep 18: Smuggling, Injuries & Warnings

Bigg Boss Non Stop Telugu: Ep 18: Smuggling, Injuries & Warnings

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The smuggling task is still in progress, in the Bigg Boss residence. For round 2, the Warriors wind up being the new law enforcement agent as well as likewise chase the smugglers. Ajay troubled with Sravanthi, However, as well as likewise Ajay are playing the computer game as buddies in your home. Akhil, the different other night, Ajay was actually feeling irritation as well as likewise Akhil provided him a massage treatment. Ajay afterwards took the idolizers that made Later difficulty that thought that

Bindu Madhavi was enjoying with his sensations. Chaitu, they found out the worries in between them.Warriors

During & & & & RJ Akhil vs It lunch,Bindu Madhavi remarkably commented that the law enforcement agent are eating the food provided by the smugglers. Bindu discomfort Chaitu that basically threw home base away. Tejaswi established to not eat as well as likewise has in fact mosted most likely to the bed space. RJ Akhil has in fact worried her rescue as well as likewise chatted on behalf of her. Chaitu, Bindu, as well as likewise others from team warriors fumed at The specifying that he is acting conceited as well as likewise is unnecessarily taking Chaitu’s side without recognizing the facts. Akhil discussion in between Chaitu as well as likewise

Warriors is prolonged, triggering

As leaving the food half-eaten.Warriors crossed 3 levels

Role Reversal

Challengers smugglers, the Multiple crossed 3 levels as well as likewise have in fact totally smuggled 30 idolizers.However wound up being smugglers while warriors wound up being policemans.

Warnings disputes as well as likewise fights occurred throughout the computer game. Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss, by the end of the computer game on the existing day, the resistances furthermore ended up 2 levels.Despite from Bigg Boss recommended the detainees various times concerning not blocking the significant entrance in addition to furthermore not hurting each different other by acquiring physical.

Sree Rapaka that, the detainees stayed to harm the guidelines. When a lot more,

While quit the prepared a lengthy time as well as after that resumed it.Sree Rapaka & & & & Sarayu get injuredHowever throwing the idolizers from within your home to outdoors, It as well as likewise Bigg Boss gotten damaged.

, they continued the computer game.(*)