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Bigg Boss Telugu Non Sop EP: 6 House on Revenge Mode

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Bigg Boss Telugu

Vengeance is the key in the Bigg Boss house right now. Group Warriors and Team Challengers are attempting to get back at each other by making senseless focuses during the errands. The captaincy task is at present underway.

Dhammunte Chesi Choopinchu

Dhamunte Chesi Choopinchu is the captaincy task in the house at the present time. Both the groups should challenge one another and perform errands.

Wooden Log Dare

In the undertaking, the two groups should conclude who can make a greatest round via conveying signs in their grasp with no help.

Fighters referenced that they can complete 19 rounds and Challengers uncovered that they can complete 20 rounds.

The heroes have given it to Challengers, requesting that they play out the challenge.

Anil Rathod approached to do the errand and finished 20 rounds. Notwithstanding, Natraj ace, the Sanchalak from group Warriors mentioned criticisms, saying that Anil took the help of his mid-region.

In this manner, he announced that they are the champs.

Challengers rage on Natraj

Natraj’s choice set off the outrage of the Warriors. They attempted to contend with Natraj ace yet he chose to not change the choice.

Strip it to uncover it

The following challenge is to strip the coconuts. Group Warriors referenced that they can strip 5 coconuts shortly and the challengers requested that the heroes play out the challenge.

Mahesh Vitta approached to play out the undertaking and effectively finished it. In any case, group challengers brought up criticisms saying that they didn’t do it effectively.

In any case, heroes kept up with quietness and regarded the choice of Challengers.

Heroes’ triumph

Heroes got two focuses and won the errand. Bigg Boss requested that they pick two names for captaincy.