Bihar government says good news .. Cancels exams for those classes this year!

Due to the epidemic last year almost all the states promoted students to upper classes without conducting tests. Some states have not yet opened schools. Conducts online classes. Meanwhile, the Bihar education department has good news for primary class students. It has been announced that students in classes one to eight will be promoted without exams this year as well. The Bihar government has taken this decision as the management of schools is facing difficulties due to the Kovid-19 epidemic. With the latest decision, all students in grades one through eight will be promoted without having to take exams in the 2020-21 academic year. The Bihar Education Department said on Twitter that it was “disrupting the education of students due to Kovid-19” and would not bother students. General Secretary Sanjay Kumar said that special classes will be conducted for three months for students of classes one to eight. He said the closure of schools had caused severe disruption to students. They said they would conduct special classes for three months and teach the required subjects. He commented that this would not cause any difficulties in the upper classes. He said these would be useful for those who have not heard of online classes for any reason. Special classes will start from the second week of March 1st. He said the exams would be conducted only for ninth, tenth class and inter students. One to nine last year, Inter students were promoted without any exams.

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