Bollywood Actor Vivek Oberoi: Bollywood actor Vivek Oberoi who shared the video .. Police sent the e-challan home with a fine .. – Bollywood actor vivek oberoi fined for violating traffic rules and covid rules

Bollywood Actor Vivek Oberoi: The Bollywood actor became familiar to the Telugu people with the movie ‘Rakta Charithra’ directed by famous director Rangopal Verma ..

Bollywood Actor Vivek Oberoi: Bollywood actor Vivek Oberoi has become familiar to Telugu people with the film ‘Rakta Charithra’ directed by Rangopal Verma. Although he acted in many movies after that movie .. he did not get much recognition. However .. Vivek Oberoi has been embroiled in a controversy recently. Police fined Vivek Oberoi for sharing a video on social media. What actually happened .. Vivek Oberoi on the occasion of Valentine’s Day .. went riding on a Harley Davidson bike with his wife. Vivek posted a video of it on his Twitter. ‘This ride was so awesome on Lovely Valentine’s Day,’ the caption read. However, this post went viral. At the same time it has also become controversial.

Vivek, who was riding the bike, did not wear a helmet and did not even wear a mask. As a result, many social activists and netizens are blaming Vivek. Varghese Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh, a social activist, has lodged a complaint with the state police against Vivek Overa, alleging that he not only violated the Kovid rules by not wearing an Oberoi mask but also violated traffic rules by not wearing a helmet. In response, police officials demanded Rs. The challan was sent with a fine of Rs.500.

If so .. His fans and netizens are reacting in various ways to Vivek’s post. While some netizens are criticizing his action, others are giving advice and suggestions to Vivek. Be sure to wear a helmet when going for bike riding once again. Many netizens have said that Vivek is a celebrity and he should be careful in such matters. ‘Driving without a helmet is very wrong. Remember that people will follow you. The message you gave through this video is not good. ‘ Another netizen commented.

However, Vivek Oberoi is not only a good actor but also a good sociologist. Vivek Oberoi is involved in many social activities. He also supported many people. Vivek Oberoi is determined to stand up for the students of the fresh villages. To provide scholarships to rural students preparing for NEET and JEE examinations at a cost of Rs. Allocated 16 crores.

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