bride dance on road: ాా्హంाహం ఆ ఆकలేకेक ధుధు డాा డా् .. వరుरడు సోద సోదరుడుर మృతి మృతి మృతి – – open sun-roofed car dancing bride one dead and many injured

Richly arranged for the wedding. There is only time for a few more hours. The bride is running to Barat. The bride is taken to the wedding venue with choirs. Meanwhile, there was a commotion at the wedding. The joy of the bride took the life of one of the groom’s family members. The bride is overwhelmed with joy at seeing the wedding arrangements. Unable to bear her pleasure she pulled the top of her car coming in the car and started dancing. But when the bride saw the dance, she went all the way to Josh at once. A large number of the groom’s relatives also gathered around the car and started dancing with her.

So far so good. Falling into the bridal sphere they forgot where they were. Traffic was severely disrupted on one side of the highway as large crowds gathered and danced on the sidewalk. Suddenly a car crashed into the dancers. And all the brownie there was silent. The bride was standing next to the car and the dancers were hit by a speeding car. One person lost his life in this accident. Dozens of relatives, on the other hand, were hospitalized. The accident took place in Muzaffarnagar area of ​​Uttar Pradesh.

A wedding is taking place in the Naimandi area of ​​Muzaffarnagar. Hema is engaged to be married to a young man named Ankur. The bride has to look her best during this time, because of posterity more than anything else. The bride is coming from Dehradun Highway to Naimandi area exclusively in a car. However, the bride is amazed at the arrangements made for her wedding. The car pulled up the top and came up and started dancing.

But the groom’s relatives were also excited as the bride danced. A large number of relatives gathered around the car and started dancing. Meanwhile, a very fast car crashed into the dancers. The groom’s brother, Pramod, died on the spot. Dozens others were seriously injured. A video of the event is currently going viral on social media.


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