Can Chicken Curry Give You Bird Flu? No, Says Expert

Can rooster curry provide the hen flu? Dr Mayur Dangar, who’s in-charge of Mumbai’s animal and hen hospital, Bombay Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BSPCA), stated that it’s doubtless not. He stated cooking it on excessive warmth can assist kill the virus.

Dangar stated {that a} mixture of India spices and cooking the meat in over 70 diploma Celcius of warmth is efficient in killing avian influenza that causes hen flu. Nonetheless, Dr Dangar warned that those that deal with poultry should stay additional cautious.

“Individuals who deal with poultry ought to take particular precautions.The attainable explanation for infections in people is once they are available in contact with birds with the virus. It could possibly get into an individual’s eyes, nostril or mouth, or is inhaled by the excretions of the birds,” Dangar stated.

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In keeping with well being specialists, even effectively cooked eggs gained’t provide the hen flu. Whereas half-cooked egg preparations just like the sunny facet up’ can get you contaminated, however not a hard-boiled egg. In keeping with the World Well being organisation (WHO), poultry (e.g. rooster, geese and geese) should be cooked at or above 70 degree Celsius in order that completely no a part of the meat stays uncooked and crimson. It is a secure measure to kill the virus in areas with outbreaks in poultry.

“Most strains of avian influenza virus are primarily discovered within the respiratory and gastrointestinal tracts of contaminated birds, and never in meat. Nonetheless, extremely pathogenic viruses, such because the H5N1 pressure, unfold to just about all components of an contaminated hen, together with meat. Correct cooking at temperatures at or above 70°C in all components of the product will inactivate the virus,” WHO tips say.

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Normally, in India, rooster is marinated in a number of spices like black paper, cinnamon and cloves and together with ginger and garlic.

Ginger has antiviral, antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties and research recommend it may be efficient towards avian influenza, RSV, and feline calicivirus.

Indian delicacies makes use of spices — like coriander, turmeric, cinnamon, cumin, clove — which can be recognized to supply reduction from signs of a number of illnesses. These spices, a part of the every day Indian eating regimen, are stated to have holistic results on human well being.

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