Can you guess the K drama actor by just their back? Take the fun quiz and find out

Think you know the K-drama actors like the back of your hand? Well take this quiz and prove it!

Can you guess the K drama actor by just their back? Take the fun quiz and find out

Hwang In Yeop portrayed Han Seo Jun, the charming bad boy with a heart of gold in True Beauty. Han Seo Jun harbours a one-sided crush on his friend Lim Ju Gyeong (Moon Ga Young) and can go any lengths to protect her. Let”s just say, he has her back at all times! A strong and sturdy back is a sign of being reliable and comforting. But can you guess the actor based on just their back? If your answer is yes, then we’ve got something interesting lined up for you! Pinkvilla has curated a quiz featuring a close up of 5 K-drama actors.

The actors featured in the quiz are not only Hallyu superstars but prolific and talented actors, with an enviable filmography. While some of them are established actors, others have struck gold with stardom only recently. The quiz features few of the many renowned actors in the industry and we ask you to pick the right name! Simple, right? What are you waiting for then? Take the quiz now!

Hwang In Yeop, who recently gained stardom thanks to his heartbreaking portrayal of Han Seo Jun, posted a sweet note of gratitude for his fans, in which he thanked fans for their unconditional support to him. He confessed that the drama is precious to him, as he could greet more fans via True Beauty. He also hopes that True Beauty remains a beautiful drama in viewers’ hearts; while also promising to return to the screen soon, albeit in a different avatar.

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How did you do on the quiz? Do you know the actors like the back o your hand or did you flunk the ‘guess the back’ test? Share your results with Pinkvilla in the comments below.

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