Bigg Boss Telugu Non Stop EP 13 | An emotional first eviction

The main end of the week episode of the Bigg Boss OTT rendition, BB Non-Stop has occurred in a fascinating way. With different amusing games and fascinating sections, the removal episode has made great amusement. As we previously said, Mumait Khan is disposed of from the show. The show have Nagarjuna starts off the show … Read more

Bigg Boss Telugu Non Sop EP: 6 House on Revenge Mode

Bigg Boss Telugu

Vengeance is the key in the Bigg Boss house right now. Group Warriors and Team Challengers are attempting to get back at each other by making senseless focuses during the errands. The captaincy task is at present underway. Dhammunte Chesi Choopinchu Dhamunte Chesi Choopinchu is the captaincy task in the house at the present time. … Read more