Drushyam 2 Movie Twitter Review | Rating, Hit or Flop Critics

Druhsyam 2 Movie Twitter Review

Drushyam 2 Movie Twitter Review : Venkatesh’s style is somewhat unique in relation to the top legends in the Telugu entertainment world today. This thing appears to be legit assuming you take a gander at the narratives he has been deciding for the last while. The two kids are prepared to go about as father … Read more

Missing Telugu Movie Review | Rating, Hit or Flop Critics, Public Talk

Missing Telugu Movie Review

Missing Telugu Movie Review : Gautam (Harsha Narra) is a computer programmer. He experiences passionate feelings for Shruti (Nikisha Rangwala) and weds her. Out of the blue, Gautam and Shruti are engaged with a fender bender. The tone vanishes after the mishap. Gautam was conceded to the emergency clinic with wounds and later recuperated. He … Read more

Family Drama Movie Twitter Review, Hit or Flop Critics, Public Talk

Family Drama twitter review

Family Drama Movie Twitter Review : A dad has two children Rama and Lakshman. Consider the possibility that both are terrible. Imagine a scenario where you will think twice about the dad for the property. What amount? Same ‘Family Show’ “Human conduct is one thing at home and one more external society. However the thought … Read more

KondaPolam Twitter Review & Rating | Hit or Flop Critics

KondaPolam review

The subsequent film featuring super nephew Vaishnav Tej as the saint is ‘Kondapolam’. Vaishnav is acting in a film after a blockbuster like ‘Uppena’. It is perceived through the all around delivered mystery and trailer that Alli tells the life and culture of the shepherds in the midst of a delightful romantic tale. KondaPolam Cast … Read more

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