china deaths in galwan clashes: China reveals details of galvan deaths for the first time .. this is the dragon count! – china says five officers, soldiers killed in galwan clash with india


  • China speaks out over Galvan Valley clashes.
  • The first dragon statement on the deaths of soldiers.
  • Tactically Dragon in case of withdrawal of forces.

China has finally made a statement regarding its soldiers killed in the Galvan Valley clashes. Announced that five of their soldiers had been killed in these clashes. It is learned that a clash between Indian and Chinese troops took place in June last year at Galwan Valley on the eastern Ladakh border. Twenty Indian soldiers were martyred in the clashes. However, so far China has not made an official statement on this. Russia recently announced that up to 40 people had been killed on the Chinese side.

In the wake of this, the Central Military Commission of China (CMC) recently announced that a total of five frontier officers and soldiers from the Karakoram Mountain Range have lost their lives. China’s official Times Global Times reported on Friday that five soldiers were killed in a clash with India in June 2020 at the Galwan Valley on the border.

Among the martyrs was Khai Fabo, a regimental commander from the Xinjiang Military Command.
Presented them with the War Memorial Awards. Khai Faboki was awarded “Hero Regimental Commander for Defending the Border”, Chen Hangzhou was awarded “Hero to Defend the Border”, and the other three soldiers, Jiang Rong, Jio Seon and Wang Juhuran, were awarded First Class Merit Awards.

It is noteworthy that China is making this statement on the number of its soldiers killed in the Galvan Valley conflict as the nine-month-long stalemate on the border gradually erupts. It is understood that the two countries have reached an agreement on the withdrawal of forces and are withdrawing from the disputed areas. Recently released satellite images reveal that China has completely withdrawn its forces from several areas, including the north coast of Pangong Lake.

Satellite images released Wednesday showed China moving troops, tanks and other military equipment off the coast of Pangong Lake and Glacial Lake in the Ladakh region. Satellite images released at the end of January make it clear that there are CPLA camps in these areas. The army is also withdrawing from the Indian side.


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