Choreographer Sekhar Master Praises Sai Pallavi Over Saranga Dariya Song


Naga Chaitanya, ‘Love Story’ starring Sai Pallavi as a couple. Director Shekhar Kammula This image was created. Coming to an audience on April 16 ‘Love Story‘Every single song in the film is being released. These songs are getting good response from the audience. However, the song ‘Saranga Daria’ released on Sunday was a super hit. Within 24 hours of its release, it had grossed over 7 million views. In this context, there are comments that Sai Pallavi will break both the records this year. It seems that the song ‘Ramulo Ramula’ from the movie Ala Vaikunthapuram starring Allu Arjun and Pooja Hegde as the heroines under the direction of Tivrikram last year got the highest number of views and created a record.

Netizens believe that this year’s Sai Pallavi ‘Saranga Daria’ is breaking this record. How good is the song .. And Sai Pallavi dance is also in the same range is appreciated. Against this backdrop, choreographer Shekhar Master Sai, who composed the dance for the Saranga Daria song, showered praise on Pallavi. In an interview given to a YouTube channel, he said that if she dances, it will be like playing a peacock dance.

Speaking on the occasion, Shekhar Master said, “Sai PallaviThis is my third song with. Previously I did the choreography for the songs ‘Vachinde’ in the movie Fida .. ‘Evandoyin Nani Garu’ in the movie MCA. Now I have the opportunity to work with Saipallavai once again for the song ‘Saranga Daria’ in Love Story. Not to mention how hit the first two songs were. With that, the pressure and expectations on the choreography for this song have increased tremendously, ”he said.

“It would be a mistake not to do Sai Pallava well. Whatever expression she gives is good. Once the song is edited, it seems that no one can do it better than him. She is a classical dancer. Choreographers want some Moments. It would be good if the hero and heroine make them correct. I never thought that this movement would not come with Sai Pallavi. It shows the movements we have mentioned even better. Dance masters like Malan are lucky to have a heroine like Sai Pallavi.

“If he sees dance, it is like playing a peacock dance. He does a lot of steps that even star heroes find difficult. He said that no heroine can compete with him in terms of dance. Shekhar Master has revealed that he has choreographed another Rain song along with Saranga Daria in the film.

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