coronavirus in mumbai: Mumbai: Kovid rising again .. Stamping for them, seal apartments! – once again covid-19 cases to soar up, stamping, sealing back in mumbai


  • Corona cases on the rise in Mumbai city.
  • Officials who enforced strict regulations.
  • Penalty for not wearing a mask.

Authorities are once again on high alert as cases of corona virus are on the rise in Mumbai. The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) on Thursday decided to tighten the rules and take action against those who violate them. The building will reopen regulations such as sealing, stamping for corona victims who do not show symptoms, and identifying high-risk contacts. Regulations such as fines were imposed on those who did not wear the mask.

BMC Commissioner Iqbal Singh Chahal said, “We have taken some steps to curb the spread of corona virus in the city of Mumbai, which will come into effect immediately.” A meeting was held via video conference with all BMC ward officials on Thursday afternoon. BMC is on high alert as more than 700 positive cases have been registered in Mumbai city for 42 consecutive two days.

Officials said the policies followed for the Kovid building in the past will now be implemented. Sealing of areas where more than five cases have been reported and stamping of Kovid patients who do not show symptoms have been implemented. An asymmetric patient will file an FIR against them if they return outside the regulations violating the home quarantine. Such patients must be referred to a systemic quarantine.

BMC Commissioner Iqbal Singh directed the ward authorities to impose a fine if anyone returns outside without a mask. He said everyone must wear a mask and a fine of Rs 200 will be imposed for violating it. BMC has been fined Rs 30.96 crore with mask fines since April last year.

“The mission has started again. Most of the citizens are not wearing masks when they come out of the house. It is a danger not only to them but also to those who are in close contact. In the public interest, everyone who comes out must wear a mask,” Iqbal Singh said. Violators of the mask rules have doubled the current 2,400 people under scrutiny. A total of 4,800 people were recruited by the authorities.


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