CoWIN Registration For Vaccine Opens


The second phase of corona vaccination has begun. Co-Win 2.0 portal () And have to register and get an appointment. What to do for this ..

1. Mobile number should be entered in the portal.
2. The phone comes with a One Time Password (OTP). Enter the OTP and press the Verify button.
3. Enter the Registration of Vaccination page.
4. Any one of the specified identity cards along with details like name and age should be uploaded.
5. If you are between 45 and 59 years of age and suffering from diseases, you should upload the relevant certificate signed by the RMP along with the identity card.
6. Press the Registration Button.
7. Now the account details will appear.
8. If more than one person (maximum four) wants to register with the same phone number, select the ‘Add More’ option. Their details should be recorded.
9. Press the ‘Schedule Appointment’ button.
10. Slots available at the respective centers will show the date and time along with the information of the vaccination centers where the vaccine is given by the states and districts.
11. Select a slot and click on the ‘Book’ button.
12. After completing the registration, a message will be sent to the phone with the vaccination appointment.
13. Appointments can be rescheduled until before vaccination. That means the date and time can change. For this you need to login again in the portal with the same phone number.
14. Reference‌ id comes after vaccination. This can lead to a vaccination certificate.

Through the Health Setu app …
An appointment to get the corona vaccine can also be made through the Health Setu app.
1. You need to download the Health Bridge app on your mobile phone.
2. Open the app and click on the Co-Win tab.
3. Vaccination ‌ Registration ‌ Option ‌ should be selected.
4. Phone number, then OTP must be entered. Click on the Verify option.
5. Go to the Registration ‌ Off Vaccination ‌ page. This is followed by the same process as in the Co-Win 2.0 portal.

Registration through the portal‌
The registration process on the Co-Win portal started at 9 am on Monday and 10 lakh people registered till 1 pm, the health ministry said. ” Co-win portal for corona vaccine ( in) Registration should be done only through, appointment should be obtained. There is no such thing as a co-win app for registrations. The Co-Win app on the PlayStore is for administrators only. Registration can be done from anywhere in the country, anytime through the portal. Beneficiaries can modify or delete the details registered in the portal till the time of vaccination. The record amount will be locked after vaccination. The details cannot be changed. Registration can also be done through the Health Setu app.

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