Director of ‘Uppena’ with Jr NTR .. Movie in Vizag Backdrop !!

Buchibabu Sana, who was introduced as a director with the film ‘Uppena’, gained good popularity with his first film. Buchibabu made headlines after the ‘surge’ blockbuster hit. Sukumar seemed to be the real Sisal disciple. It is learned that Maitree Movie Makers has signed a deal with Buchibabu to make two more films with the hit ‘Uppena’. Talk about making a movie with Young Tiger NTR. Buchibabu has already prepared a script for Junior NTR. Buchibabu is going to tell this story to NTR soon. Buchibabu has already worked with NTR. Buchibabu worked as a co-director for ‘Nannaku Premato’, an NTR hero film directed by Sukumar. Then Buchibabu got very close to NTR. Industry sources said that NTR had asked Buchibabu to tell a story with that intimacy. The story prepared by Buchibabu is said to be a sports drama. Talk that this movie will be in the Visakhapatnam backdrop. There are rumors that Buchibabu will narrate the story to NTR soon. If NTR likes this story then another interesting project will be considered. NTR has already worked with Maitree Movie Makers. The movie ‘Janata Garage’ was produced by Maitree with NTR. Now that the project is OK, it will be the third film in their combo. It is known that Junior NTR is currently busy with RRR movie. NTR will be free from this project by March. After that, NTR will launch the film directed by Trivikram. After the completion of this project, “kejiyaph ‘NTR film directed by Neil is the director of the Prashant. The film will be produced by Maitree Movie Makers. Pattalekke is likely to make an NTR film with Buchibabu after the completion of these two films.


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