Elephant herd: A huge herd of elephants in Palamaner, Chittoor district, people in panic

Elephants In Chittoor

Elephant herd: A group of 15 elephants roamed in Palamaner, Chittoor district. This morning at Radha Bungalow close to Palamaner Town, about 15 elephants crossed the street from the center of the home. The native people who noticed this scene had been amazed and panicked. The locals are nervous that these elephants are coming into the city as soon as in some time. Despite all this, the forest officers are usually not paying any consideration.

Meanwhile, a herd of elephants entered the city of Palamaner at evening and spent the evening in the crop fields of Kurappapalli and Ramapuram areas. Radha Bangla, a brief distance from the Palamaner police station, created havoc in the Mission School compound space.

People panicked on the inflow of massive numbers of elephants. Forest officers are urging people to reply instantly and shield themselves from the herd of elephants.


Elephant herd

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