ENCORE: GOT7 members tease fans with a special announcement; Ahgases rejoice

The members of Girls’ Generation are planning an OT8 comeback in May or June this year. Read on to find out.

ENCORE: GOT7 members tease fans with a special announcement; Ahgases rejoice

GOT7 to make an OT7 comeback? Yes, Please. This year keeps getting better and better. After affirmative reports of Girls” Generation making an OT8 comeback in May-June this year, GOT7 teased fans with a special announcement via their Instagram stories. GOT7 members departed from their agency JYP Entertainment in January 2021, after both the parties mutually agreed upon terminating their contract. GOT7 thanked Ahgases in a heartfelt note and promised to make time to release new music as a group. It seems, the group is already on it’s way to fulfilling the said promise, after all!

On February 19, GOT7 members took to their Instagram stories to share the English alphabets of ENCORE against a black background. The youngest member, Yugyeom started the series by posting the alphabet E, Jinyoung followed next with N, JB posted the letter C, Mark posted an O, BamBam posted a cursive R in small letters and Jackson posted green hearts. Green is GOT7 and Ahgases’s official colour. Vocalist Youngjae was conspicuous by his absence and Ahgases concluded that he might be sleeping! The news came as a surprise to fans who took to Twitter to trend GOT7 & Youngjae.

You can check out the ENCORE post here:

While we know nothing of ENCORE, it could possibly mean a new album, a new music video or a special rendition of a previous track. GOT7 members are busy pursuing their solo careers. Yugyeom is working on a new music video under Jay Park’s AOMG, Mark released a love song, One In A Million, in collaboration with EDM producer Sanjoy and Jinyoung will be acting in the upcoming courtroom drama, Devilish Judge.

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Ahgases, Are we excited for ENCORE? Share your excitement with Pinkvilla in the comments below.

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