Encore MV: GOT7 members raise a toast to their friendship in this heartwarming & homely song

GOT7 members share a stunning and nostalgic throwback to their illustrious legacy & their genuine camaraderie in the touching Encore MV. Watch the video below.

Encore MV: GOT7 members raise a toast to their friendship in this heartwarming & homely song

GOT7 is here! What felt like a dream a couple of weeks ago, has now become a reality! GOT7 members JB, Jackson, Mark, Jinyoung, BamBam, Yugyeom and Youngjae have released their first official music video together since their departure from their previous label, JYP Entertainment. Last night, GOT7 sent fans in a tizzy with twin announcements of their new YouTube channel and a brief teaser of Encore. Finally, the music video is out and as expected, has touched a chord with Aghases” hearts.

The monochrome video begins with Jackson looking out of the balcony. The rest of the members are sitting in their recording room, coffee cups in hand and masks on their faces, they look happy together. Jackson begins on a heartfelt note, as the camera pans on other members laughing and joking around. The video turns into colour as soon as Jackson enters the recording studio to greet his members. The members are seen enjoying burgers, drinks and hysterical laughs together. JB’s velvety voice fills the room, as the members chant ‘Encore’ together. Mark Tuan’s powerful verses complement BamBam’s part as Youngjae’s melodious voice uplifts the soothing track. The members share a heartfelt message saying, “We are back again.”

Towards the end, we see breathtaking visuals from GOT7’s concerts and performances. The members take centre-stage as a green ocean, filled with their beloved fandom, Ahgases lights up the arena. One can hear, Ahgases cheer ‘Encore’ in the background, as the members look on emotionally. The video ends with a collage of black & white pictures of the members’ with their signatures on it. Below we can see Encore and GOT7 written. Mark Tuan has been credited as Executive Producer on the MV.

You can watch the soothing Encoure MV below:

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