Fact Check: Viral Image Of Petrol Bill Asking Don’t Vote For Narendra Modi Is Fake

Mumbai: It is a known fact that satires are being heard on social media on social media as a liter of petrol crosses Rs 100 in the country. In this sequence O Fake News is doing an aerial view of Nettinta. According to this, Sai Balaji Petroleum Bank in Mumbai is campaigning that they will not vote for Modi to reduce petrol rates. In the receipt given to motorists after pouring petrol in this bank, once again, Modi is calling on Oatesi not to be disturbed. Photos related to this receipt have recently appeared online. With this many are re-sharing these.

But it seems that not everything that is visible to the eye is true, but it seems that the bill given at the petrol bank is the same. HPCL (Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited) responded to the fake photo by saying that it was not in the right format and that it was a fake bill. For this, Real Bill put photos next to the fake bill and shared them. And if you look at the fake bill photo often, it seems that it is in 2018. Another important point is that the bill incorrectly reads HPL instead of HP or HPCL. Sai Balaji Petroleum Bunker in Vikhroli area of ​​Mumbai. So this is pure fake news. It was deliberately created to campaign against Modi.

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