Four Arrested Over Stealing Melted Gold From Woman Asses

Mumbai: The four were booked horizontally in an attempt to steal jewelry remains in the ashes of a pregnant woman. He was beaten by the villagers and imprisoned. The incident came to light late in Aurangabad in Maharashtra. According to police, Dadasaheb Hanwante, Rukmini, Ramchandra Kasbe and Swati, all from Barli village in Solapur district, have lost their jobs and are facing severe financial difficulties. In the wake of this, they learned that the funeral of a pregnant woman who died on February 22nd would feature gold jewelry on the body.

They decided to steal the gold melted in the ashes after the pregnant funeral was over. After the funeral on Wednesday, the villagers were looking for the remains of jewelry in the ashes. The villagers captured them, crushed them and handed them over to the police. The case was registered by the police following a complaint by a villager.

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