GMC polls: Kaun Banega Guntur mayor? Hightension over war after ten years – Now parties focused on guntur municipal corporation elections pollss

GMC polls: The Guntur Municipal Corporation elections, which are taking place almost ten years later, have turned juicy. All the major parties are holding this election ..

GMC polls

GMC polls: The Guntur municipal elections, which are taking place almost ten years later, have turned juicy. All the major parties have taken this election with pride. Manohar Naidu, who is from the upper house, is in the mayoral race. He ran for mayor in 2005. At that time, the sons of Rayapati and Kanna Lakshminarayana had to step down as they were contesting for the post of mayor.

His desire to become mayor has remained the same ever since. YCP joined in the ensuing period! Padakurapadu served as the constituency in-charge. However, at the last minute, the MLA was again disappointed with the allocation of the seat.

He was recently elected to the Guntur Municipal Corporation. Manohar Naidu is working for the post of mayor in the apprenticeship of Minister Botsa. Competing as a local 20th Division corporator candidate, the mayor is moving pieces for the pedestal. Whatever the Chief Minister orders, he will be the party worker.

The main opposition TDP, on the other hand, has taken the mayoral seat ambitiously. Guntur is facing stiff competition in all divisions. Kovelamoodi Ravindra, who has been away from politics for a long time, has joined the Telugu Desam Party. Ravindra, who is in-charge of Guntur West constituency, is contesting for the post of mayor.

The Janasena-BJP alliance is also in the race for the Guntur Municipal Corporation. Janasena leaders are expressing their displeasure that YCP and TDP will be sidelined and the people will win the seat for their alliance. There is fierce competition for the post of mayor of Guntur, which has gained prominence. It remains to be seen which party will fly the flag over the Guntur Corporation.

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