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GodFather Telugu Movie Review | Public Talk, Hit or Flop?

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GodFather Movie Review

God Father Telugu Movie Review: God Father, directed by Mohan Raja and starring Chiranjeevi, Nayanthara, Satyadev Kancharana, and Bollywood superstar Salman Khan in a cameo, is a successful adaptation of the Malayalam film Lucifer.

As Brahma, Chiranjeevi gives a compelling performance that really captures the spirit of the role. This political thriller is a joy to see because to its compelling script, thrilling soundtrack by Thaman S, and sharp camerawork. We can now claim that the boss has returned!

GodFather Story Line

First, the state’s chief executive officer dies. The position of Chief of Staff is now vacant. The son-in-law and daughter of the late CM, Jai (Satyadev) and Satya (Nayanthara), are next in line to become prime minister. But then Brahma (Chiranjeevi), another party heavyweight, steps in to put a stop to it. The remainder of the plot focuses on a political game of cat and mouse to determine who would become the state’s last chief executive.

GodFather Movie Information

Directed byMohan Raja
Screenplay byMohan Raja
Dialogue byLakshmi Bhupal
Based onLucifer
by Murali Gopy
Produced byRam Charan
R. B. Choudary
N. V. Prasad
Salman Khan
Puri Jagannadh
Satyadev Kancharana
CinematographyNirav Shah
Edited byMarthand K. Venkatesh
Music byThaman S
Konidela Production Company
Super Good Films
Distributed byPVR Pictures
Magic Frames
Release date5 October 2022
Running time152 minutes

GodFather Movie Review Rating: 3.5/5


Director Mohan Raja did an excellent job of adapting the Malayalam movie Lucifer to the tastes of the Telugu audience in his adaptation, Godfather. Mohan Raja has remained faithful to the source material and directed a compelling picture.

His presentation of Chiranjeevi is outstanding. For as many years as we’ve watched Chiranjeevi, he’s always played the vivacious hero, but in Godfather, he’s a seasoned politician, and he’s fantastic. Even though Chiranjeevi does not have a lot of lines, he conveys an abundance of emotion just by looking at the camera. Fans will still like his screen presence and calm performance, despite the fact that he does not dance or provoke humour.

Nayanthara is outstanding in her performance and adds a lot of nuance to the movie. Satyadev, the youthful hero, is the real show stopper, however. His unexpectedly villainous behaviour makes him a formidable foe for Chiranjeevi. Satyadev’s performance is really impressive because of the authenticity with which he approaches his job.

Murali Sharma is given a significant part, and he excels in it. The first half is packed with well written and performed political moments. The performances of Brahmaji, Sunil, and Samutrakani are all excellent.

Some of the best written sequences in the film. Even though the megastar does not speak a single line, the prison scene with Chiranjeevi and Satyadev is well staged.

Finally, Salman Khan’s appearance is timed well inside the story and provides the necessary mass moments for the audience. The film’s last act, which has a fight, a song, and some impressive slow motion images starring Salman and Chiranjeevi, is a high point.


Godfather isn’t as compelling as Lucifer’s drama. There isn’t much to show off in the second half. That’s the trigger for the spontaneous song.

In a couple sequences at the conclusion of the film, Chiranjeevi also seems to be acting stiffly. Feelings in the second might have been more intense. In the end, the flashy presentation of Salman Khan’s character is not matched by its substance.

It’s also rather easy to foresee how things will play out. Satyadev is great, but the film may have benefited from giving him more screen time to establish him as the film’s antagonist.

Techinical Review

The film’s BGM, composed by Thaman, is a major plus. The camerawork and production values are superb; they do an excellent job of conveying the political atmosphere. The dialogue and editing are both quite acceptable.

Mohan Raja, the film’s director, is well-known as a “remake expert,” and his work here is exemplary. He makes excellent use of Chiranjeevi’s charm by allowing his eyes to convey feeling. With Salman, the alterations he makes or the mass aspects he has added are all for the better. The film succeeds because Mohan Raja does not resort to cheap laughs or over-the-top action to tell his story of political intrigue. Just when you think things are winding down to a basic conclusion, he throws in Salman and gives the movie a thrilling conclusion.


Godfather is a fantastic political thriller with a really well-done narrative. The film’s fundamental strengths are its new age and mature Chiranjeevi, Satyadev and Nayanthara, and Salman Khan appearance. While the new Lucifer lacks some of the drama of the original, fans and the general public may still enjoy a thrill trip in celebration of the return of the boss this Dussehra.

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