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It is a good sign that star heroes and directors in the film industry are supporting short films. Encouraging concept oriented films, they are releasing first looks and teasers of short films and giving best promotions. In the meantime, we are seeing Director Maruti taking the lead in doing similar promotions. Recently, Maruti released the ‘Half Stories’ motion poster in the same vein and made positive comments about the film.

Baby melody presented under the banner of Sri Siva varaprasad K Moonlight Creations. Under the direction of expansion. “Half Stories” is a film produced by Sudhakar Reddy. Rajeev, Rangasthalam Mahesh, Rakendumouli and Kancharapalem Raju played the lead roles. The film, which has just finished shooting, is currently undergoing post-production. Leading director Maruti has recently released the motion poster of the film. Baby elegance of this event, producer Sudhakar Reddy, director, K Shiv varaprasad., Participated in the Rajiv hero. The film unit is preparing to release the film soon after all the activities are completed.

Speaking on the occasion, Director Maruti said, “I saw Glimpses from Half Stories. Very well liked. This is an anthology based concept. Anthology Concept is a good hit concept. All the movies in that genre are very good. It is not uncommon to tell five types of stories in one tone. First of all, I would like to congratulate Sudhakar Reddy, the producer who made the film with this concept. If you watch this video, you will know that director Shiva shot the film very well. The role of hero Rajiv will be a plus for the film.
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The film stars music director Koti Garu. I think his character will be an asset to this film. I sincerely want this film to be well received by the audience and to be a big success and to make good films like this again. All the best to the entire team.

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