Harassment: Threats to women with morphing photos .. Pucca sketched and booked horizontally ..

Harassment: Hyderabad cyber crime police have cracked down on a young man who surrendered after making threats targeting women. Trapped with his policies and booked horizontally. The details of this incident which came to light in Hyderabad are as follows. A young man from Kottapet, Anjaneyulu, introduces women to Instagram. The acquaintance then threatened to send their morphing nude photos via Instagram messenger for a while. I will also morph photos of your family members and post them on social media.

Like I said, he threatens these women to take nude videos and send them through WhatsApp. However, the Anjaneyas were a victim of intimidation. Cybercrime turned to the police. Police traced him based on his IP address and arrested the accused Anjaneyulu. Arrested and remanded. A cell phone was seized from him during the arrest. However, the police found that many Anjaneyas had made such threats to women and young girls.

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