India vs England: Awesome .. A view .. Many specialties in Motera Stadium .. Let’s take a look .. – India vs england the worlds largest cricket stadium motera stadium capacity and facts

Ind vs Eng: The third Test between India and England will be played at Ahmedabad on Wednesday. However, the stadium is more of a special attraction than the match.


It was built in 1982 on the banks of the Sabarmati River in Gujarat. In October 2015, the Gujarat government decided to renovate it and make it the largest stadium in the world in terms of capacity.


Motera Cricket Stadium

Motera Stadium was built on 63 acres at a cost of Rs 700 crore. The stadium has a number of modern facilities, including an all-size swimming pool used for the Olympics. The stadium has 4 dressing rooms.


world’s largest cricket stadium

Motera Stadium is the largest cricket ground in the world in terms of spectator capacity. One lakh spectators can enjoy the match at this stadium at once. Earlier, the Melbourne Cricket Stadium in Australia had a capacity of 90,000 spectators. However, Motera Stadium is larger than Melbourne Stadium.


stadiums in India

No floodlights are required in any stadium in India. LED lights were used instead of floodlights in Motera Stadium. It is also the first stadium in the country to emit LED lights.


Instead of floodlights, LED lights were installed on the stadium roof. Due to the boundary LED lights, players have no trouble watching the ball well in night matches. The shadow of the players in the stadium is also unlikely to fall. The use of LED lights does not reflect shadows.

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