Is Rakul Preet Singh Hurt with Check Director, Away From Promotions

Tollywood‌ Hero Nitinచిత్రం Check out the movie starring the main character. The film was released today (February 26). The film, directed by Chandrasekhar Yeleti, is currently making headlines. Kalyani Malik‌ Music is in this movie Rakul Preet Singh‌‌, Priya Prakash played the role of Warrior heroines. Although Rakul has appeared in many scenes in movies, her role does not seem to be of much importance. The same goes for Priya, who is a small character, but she got good marks with her performance. It seems that Delhi Bhama (Rakul) was hurt by this. Rakul did not like the fact that Priya Prakash’s role was more than her role in Czech. He also said that there were no songs between Nitin and Priya and eventually filmed a song in the combination of the two, which hurt Bhama.

It seems that the film director Chandrasekhar is already angry with Yeleti. That’s why she didn’t even appear in any promotions related to the check. The Czech team held a press meet before the release. Rakul did not appear in it. But Malayalam heroine Priya Prakash Warrior, who is playing another heroine, shined. Also Rakul is expected to come to the pre-release event. But even that day Rakul did not appear and the fans expressed their astonishment. Even after the release of the movie, Priyane is being highlighted. Rakul does not seem to be happy with the film, except for one or two tweets about the film.

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Priya Warrior dominating Rakul

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