Is Sai Dharam Tej Get Marriage In This May

It is a known fact that many celebrities in the Tollywood industry from Lockdown have got married and put an end to their bachelor life. Nitin Rana, Nikhil, Niharika, Kajal .. They all got married and entered a new life. The longer the nebula Married Then everyone’s eyes fell on the bachelors in the mega family. Three from the mega family (Varun Tej, Sai Dharam Tej, Allu Sirish) are at the forefront of the list of Prasads who want to get married. Fans are eagerly awaiting when another wedding will take place from this house.

In this context recently Sai Dharam TejThe news that the wedding is going to go up will be remembered. In a recent interview, Dharam Tej also revealed that he is single. ‘I’m single. But my family is planning for my wedding. After the nebulous marriage, the family is now putting pressure on the marriage. ‘ Now the talk is coming again that the same news is going to come true. Rumor has it that Sai Dharam Tej will soon be a household name.
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It is learned that Dharam Tej is getting married in May this year and Tej’s mother and Chiranjeevi’s younger sister have already selected the girl. Hearing that it was an adult arranged marriage and that she had nothing to do with the film industry. And the girl known to the mega family. And to know if all this is true, we have to wait until the mega family officially announces. Sai Dharam Tej, who hails from a mega family, has made a name for himself by starring in a variety of films. Tej, who is currently focusing on his career, is in that effort.


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