japan coronavirus variant: Another new type of corona virus in Japan .. more dangerous than UK – new covid-19 virus variant identified in japan, more than 90 cases reported

U.K, the South African type of corona virus is already causing a worldwide outbreak and another new type of virus (E484K) has been identified in Japan. In addition, Japanese officials have announced that the new virus is more dangerous than strains in the UK and South Africa. Warned that it was at risk of spreading more rapidly. 93 cases of this type have been identified in Japan.

Japanese authorities announced on Friday (February 19) that they had identified 91 cases in the Conte region of eastern Japan and two new types of cases at airports. This mutant variant is called E484K. ‘This is different from other types of kovid‌ that are occasionally revealed in Japan. So we think it may have originated in other countries, ‘said the National Institute of Infectious Diseases in Japan.

The Japanese government has become more vigilant in the face of the possibility of this corona virus, which is a mutation, becoming vulnerable to vaccines. Issued orders alerting the citizens of that country. Scientists have identified a new type of corona virus called the E484K mutation, which impairs the performance of the covid vaccine. In this regard, an infection cluster has been set up at the Tokyo Immigration Center.

More than 100 mutations have already been identified in several countries related to the corona virus. But experts say only a few of these are dangerous. Authorities in Japan say the number of cases is likely to rise as the new virus is expected to spread faster than ever before.

The vaccination process began a week ago in Japan. The news of the new virus is causing concern again as people there are worried that the vaccines have arrived. News of this new virus variant has alerted many countries, including Europe.

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