Justice Ranjan Gogoi: Clean chit to former CJI .. Supreme described as conspiracy against the judiciary – can’t rule out conspiracy against ex chief justice ranjan gogoi: supreme court


  • Sexual allegations against former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.
  • The court suspected a conspiracy case against the judiciary.
  • Judgment based on the report of Justice Patnaik Committee.

The Supreme Court on Thursday gave a clean chit to former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Justice Ranjan Gogoi, who is facing charges of sexual harassment. He expressed suspicion that a conspiracy might have been hatched against him. The court commented that the conspiracy angle could be attributed to the decisions taken by Justice Gogoi, along with the National Registrar of Citizens (NRC). A three-judge bench headed by Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul delivered the final verdict.

Justice Kaul said the decision was taken on the basis of a report by a three-member committee headed by Justice Patnaik Committee and CJI SA Bobdela. Is there any conspiracy behind the allegations against Gogoi? The decision was taken by the Supreme Court on the basis of a report by Justice AK Patnaik, who was appointed to look into the matter.

The apex court said the chief justice’s decisions in view of the 2019 order had prompted a conspiracy against him. The Supreme Court in its judgment revealed that the report clarified that there was a conspiracy angle in the case of Justice Gogoi. However, the panel commented that it could not obtain the relevant electronic records.

On this occasion, the Supreme Court recalled that the Director of Intelligence Bureau had said that many people were dissatisfied with the verdicts given by Justice Gogoi in cases like NRC. The court therefore clarified that they were closing the case.

The court ruled that the charges against Justice Gogoi were not admissible on the basis of the committee’s report. The former Chief Justice noted that some tough administrative decisions were taken to streamline the process in the registry. ‘We are of the opinion that these allegations were made on purpose. Sumota clarified that we are closing the case.

It seems that there is a conspiracy going on to attack the independence of the Supreme Court by bringing to the screen the events of the past and the unknowns of what happened and showing them suspiciously of Justice Gogoi. Utsav Baines Gogoi, who studied law at Harvard Law School, has been charged.

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