karnataka man fights with leopard: భారार्బిబిబిడ్డ्లపైा చిరు చిరుरపులిలి దాడిा .. రో వీरచితచితంగాంగాంగాा పోరా పోరాरा చంప చంపेేశाాడు – karnataka man kills leopard to save wife and daughter after big cat attacked his bike

AIf a leopard was going to attack and kill his wife and children years ago .. would anyone stare? Not a single person from Karnataka looked the same. Counterattacked on the leopard. Fought heroically. There was also no weapon in hand. He knocked the leopard to the ground with empty hands. He saved his wife and daughter. However, the wife and children were seriously injured when the leopard jumped on them and threw their paws. They are being treated at a hospital. The incident took place in Hassan district of Karnataka.

Rajagopal Nayak, a resident of Harisekre taluka in Hassan district of Karnataka, set off on a bike with his wife and daughter. As his bike approached the Bendacre area, a leopard suddenly jumped out of the woods. With this the three of them fell off the bike.

Before Rajagopal could recover, a leopard attacked them. Wife, daughter killed. Rajagopal noticed it and at once jumped on the beast. With that he fought heroically and killed. He eventually killed it and saved their lives.

Leopard attack

Some motorists passing by the road noticed Rajagopal’s family and came to help. Rajagopal’s wife and daughter, who were critically injured in the leopard attack, were rushed to a nearby hospital. They are currently being treated at the hospital. Photos and videos of the event went viral on social media.

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