karnataka man funeral: Returned 10 days after the funeral .. Shocking! – dead man returns 10 days after funeral in karnataka, shocks villagers

అంOne person returned 10 days after the funeral. The villagers were shocked. The incident took place in Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka. Srinivasa Devadiga, 60, of Gardadi village near Mangalore, went missing on January 26. But, the family members did not complain to the police. Because they want him to disappear like that.

Srinivasa has a habit of taking drugs. It also drinks heavily. Goes somewhere. Too many times to go like that and come back home again. It was thought that this time too it would happen. But, as the days went by .. he never came back.

Meanwhile, the body of an unidentified man was found in a well. Police recovered the decomposing body. Police posted photos of the man on social media, with no details about him and no disappearance cases at nearby police stations. This caused them to go viral.

Srinivasa’s family members contacted the police after hearing the news about the body. Examination of the body revealed that he was Srinivasa. Clothing, the body is said to have been identified based on the moles on the body. The body was then taken away and all the relatives were called for burial.

It has been 10 days since the funeral. On the 13th, the family members made arrangements to perform the daily ritual. Meanwhile, a relative called them. Srinivasa is said to be alive. When they heard this, they were shocked. The family members went there with the help of the police after learning that Srinivasa was roaming around the Government Hospital in Mangalore.

Srinivasa was spotted in Mangalore and brought to Beltangadi police station. He was later handed over to his family. Whose body was that at the funeral? The elusive question right now. Police are working to resolve it.


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