Know About Day, Nakshatra, Abhijit Muhurat, Rahu Kaal & Other Details

February 6 is the Krishna Paksha Navami Tithi of Magha Mass in Vikrama Samvata 2077, as per the Hindu Panchang. The day is Shaniwar (Saturday), which is dedicated to Shani Dev in Hindu scriptures. Shani is one of the Navagraha (nine planets) and it is believed that offering prayers on Saturday keep all the hurdles and misfortunes away. On this day, Hindus worship the Shani idol made up of iron. As per the Hindu scriptures, the pictorial depiction of Shani Maharaj shows himsitting in a mirror chariot, yoked with eight black horses.

Many of the Hindus also worship Lord Hanuman on Saturday as he is also known as ‘Sankatmochan’. The day will start with the sunrise at 7.06 am and the sunset will take place at 6.04 pm. The Navami Tithi will prevail till 8.13 am and after that Dashami Tithi will beginand will remain till 6.26 am on Sunday, February 7.

Read the auspicious time, puja muhurat, auspicious time and other details here:

  • Sunrise time- 7.06 am
  • Sunset time- 6.04 pm
  • Moonrise time- 3.06 am, February 7
  • Moonset time- 12.53 pm, February 7

Tithi, Nakshatra and Rashi details:

Navami Tithi will end at 8.13 am on February 6, after which Dashami Tithi will startand prevail till 6.26 am on February 7. The Nakshatra will be Anuradha till 5.18 pm and then Jyeshtha Nakshatra will commence. The sun will remain in Makar (Capricorn) Rashi, while the moon will enter in Vrishchika (Scorpio) Rashi.

Auspicious timeframes for February 6:

Abhijit Muhurat, Brahma Muhurat and Amrit Kalam are believed to be the most auspicious time in Vedic astrology. Abhijit Muhurat will start from 12.13 pm and conclude at 12.57 pm, while Amrit Kalam will prevail from 07:24 am to 08:56 am.

Inauspicious timings for February 6:

Rahu Kalam, Gulikai Kalam and Varjyam are the inauspicious periods, which Hindus usually avoid to start any new thing or to step out for something good. As per today’s Panchang, Rahu Kalam will prevail between 09:51 am to 11:13 am pm, while Vrajyam will take place between 10:39 am and 12:11 am on February 7.


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