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Krishna Vrinda Vihari Movie Review, Rating, Critics

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Krishna Vrinda Vihari Movie Review – A lively performer

Krishna Vrinda Vihari Movie Review: Naga Shaurya, the gorgeous and accomplished Tollywood actor, is back with the rom-com comedy Krishna Vrindha Vihari, directed by Anish R Krishna. Shirley Setia, a Bollywood singer-turned-actress, plays the female protagonist. Because it was the first of its kind, the picture generated a lot of hype. The film was released today. Let’s see how things go.

Krishna Vrinda Vihari Movie Information

NameKrishna Vrinda Vihari
Directed byAnish R. Krishna
Produced byUsha Mulpuri
StarringNaga Shaurya
Shirley Setia
CinematographySai Sriram
Edited byTammiraju
Music byMahathi Swara Sagar
Ira Creations
Release date23 September 2022

Krishna Vrinda Vihari Cast

  • Naga Shaurya as Krishna
  • Shirley Setia as Vrinda
  • Rahul Ramakrishna
  • Satya
  • Vennela Kishore
  • Radhika Sarathkumar as Amruthavalli
  • Brahmaji

Krishna Vrinda Vihari Story Line

Krishna Chari (Naga Shaurya) comes from a limited and conservative Brahmin household and obtains a job as a software developer in Hyderabad.

He falls in love with Vrinda (Shirley Setia) the minute he meets her in his office, but she is adamant about accepting his love owing to a problem.

Krishna eventually captures her heart, but he is unsure how to persuade his traditional family owing to the aforementioned dilemma.

He persuades them by pulling a trap on them and marries Vrindha. This gets him into a lot of trouble. What exactly is the problem? How did Krishna do it? This is the whole plot of the film.

Krishna Vrinda Vihari Positive Points

Naga Shaurya portrayed the role of Krishna Chari to perfection. He has produced a high-quality performance in all areas, including humorous timing, emotional sequences, and the love track. He exudes much too much enthusiasm.

Shirley Setia had a strong Telugu debut and performed with ease. Her relationship with Shaurya is a joy to observe. The actress dubbed for her part and did an excellent job.

This film’s two sections are loaded with nonstop amusement. A heavy dosage of humour and one-liners does wonders in keeping us riveted to our televisions. We were also not bored with the film. Radhika Sarathkumar is excellent in the part of Naga Shaurya’s mother.

Krishna Vrinda Vihari Negative Points

While the film has several amusing situations, there is also a downside. The comedic aspect has overshadowed the emotional aspect present in the second half.

There are sad passages, but their placement in between the hilarious ones isn’t ideal. We are bombarded with continuously amusing situations, and as a result, we are unable to connect with the genuine emotional content.

It would have been much better if the emotional aspect had been addressed.

The film is entertaining, but the ending is not believable. This second hour has a couple of over-the-top moments.

The film’s plot isn’t unique, and it may seem conventional at points. The CG work is spotty in spots. The objective is right, which is to provide strong entertainment. A couple of parts did not work.

Krishna Vrinda Vihari Aspects of Technology

A handful of tracks are excellent, as is the background music. Thus, Mahati Swara Sagar performed well in the music area.

The editing is crisp, and the film moves quickly. Sai Sriram’s camera work is excellent. The production values are excellent, and the filmmakers spent a lot of money to give the picture a rich vibe.

Anish R. Krishna directed the picture, and he did a good job. His narration is fantastic for the first hour, but he loses his grasp in the second hour. He has been able to elicit excellent performances from performers.

Krishna Vrinda Vihari Verdict:

Overall, Krishna Vrindha Vihari is an entertaining performer. The film’s main assets are the artists’ good performances and the comedy track with Naga Shaurya, Satya, Rahul Ramakrishna, and Brahmaji.

The low emotional viewpoint and a few over-the-top sequences, on the other hand, are its downsides. This weekend is the only time you can see the film.

Krishna Vrinda Vihari Movie Review, Rating

Rating: 3/5