Lord Vishnu: Why is Vishnu called Hari? Reasons to worship Thursday .. – You know why lord vishnu is called hari why he is worshiped on thursday

In the Puranas every day of each week is dedicated to some deity. Monday to Shiva, Tuesday to Hanuman, Wednesday to Ayyappa

In the Puranas every day of each week is dedicated to some deity. Monday is dedicated to Shiva, Tuesday to Hanuman, and Wednesday to Ayyappa. Also on Thursday we worship Shirdi Sai. Along with Sai Baba, Vishnu is also worshiped. According to Hindu mythology, worshiping Vishnu on Thursday removes all problems in life. Also Vishnu is called by the name of Hari. Let us find out why Vishnu is called Hari and why he is worshiped on Thursday.

Why is it called Hari?

‘Hari Harati Papani’ means ‘Hari’ removes all the sins in our life. ‘Hari’ means one who eats. Hari means one who removes hardships. It is said in the Puranas that a devotee who measures Vishnu wholeheartedly removes all sins. Also no matter how big the problems they are liberated. That is why he is devotionally called Hari, Srihari.

Why Vishnu is worshiped on Thursday

According to mythology, Garuda is the largest of the birds and is known as the vehicle of Lord Vishnu. Garuda is said to have received Vishnu’s attention through strict penance. Pleased with the penance of Garuda Pakshi, Vishnu accepted him as his vehicle. Guru means heavy and Garuda is also heavy among birds. Garuda means one who achieves hard success. It is for this reason that Vishnu is worshiped on Thursdays. Some scholars also believe that Guru Jupiter is a form of Vishnu. So Thursday is considered as Vishnu daily.

Why did Vishnu sleep on a snake ..

We see photos of Vishnu sleeping on Seshanagu in the ocean of milk. The ocean of milk, however, symbolizes happiness or well-being and the remnant of sorrow. Vishnu seems to be bathing calmly on Seshanagu in the ocean of milk. That film suggests that both pleasure and dissatisfaction should be lived in the same way. This form implies that human beings should live in the same manner in both happiness and dissatisfaction.

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