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Maestro Telugu Movie Review & Rating Twitter Review Full Details

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Maestro is a film that many were sitting tight for enthusiastically. The film is the authority revamp of Andha Adhun and is presently live on Disney Hotstar. We should perceive how it is.

Maestro Cast & Crew

Movie NameMaestro
Release Date September 17,2021
Cast Nithiin, Nabha Natesh, Tamannaah
Director Merlapaka Gandhi
ProducerSudhakar Reddy, Nikitha Reddy
Music DirectorMahati Swara Sagar
Cinematography byJ. Yuvaraj


Arun(Nithin) is a visually impaired man who makes money by playing the piano in Goa. Dazzled by him, a days gone by actor(Naresh) welcomes Arun to perform for his better half Simran(Tamannah) on their wedding commemoration. Arun lands at the star’s home just to engage in a lethal homicide. Who has been killed? What will Arun do now? What’s Simran’s part in this? also, where do Nabha Natesh and Jisshu Sen Gupta highlight in this spine chiller? That frames the remainder of the story.

Positive Reviews For Maestro

Nithin makes a U-abandon his ordinary heartfelt dramatizations and picks a job where he will perform. Nithin as the visually impaired man suits the person impeccably and doesn’t get carried away the slightest bit. There is no bravery in his job yet at the same time, Nithin ensured his non-verbal communication communicates a great deal.

Maestro will without a doubt be a major event transformer for Tamanah as she is stunning in a negative job. Directly from her looks to the articulations, she has displayed, Tamannah is top class. Her own voice likewise suits the negative job. Every one of her scenes with Nithin have been executed so well.

The spirit of the film is flawless and has not been upset by the creators. The setting of Goa additionally suits the subject of the film very well. Nabha Natesh is perfect in her little job and offers great science with Nithin. Jisshu Sen Gupta as the cop was alright. Racha Ravi and Mangli get great jobs and they do well in their given characters.

Negative Review for Maestro

The individuals who have seen the first will clearly draw correlations. Merlapaka Gandhi has coordinated the film and he has portrayed the redo in a steadfast way. Be that as it may, where the film drops is the dramatization remainder. The movie initially had grasping dramatization yet the chief neglected to hoist it appropriately here.

Nithin’s job required more sensation yet he is exhibited in a pale and dull way in tense scenes. The pressure he faces in insane circumstances has not been raised as expected. In case Nithin’s job and excites would have been exhibited in a seriously intriguing way with regards to the subsequent a large portion of, the impact would have been far and away superior.

All the displayed thrills are acceptable however the effect that the first made is missed in the change. During the peak, the crowd is holding up in strain to know the turn and a tune breaks out and this hauls the end.

Specialized Aspects:

The creation upsides of the film are incredible as the film has great visuals. The Goan arrangement and the wrongdoing scenery are raised well in the film through great camerawork. Music by Mahati Sagar is just with regards to approve yet his BGM was tasteful. The altering is nice as was the creation plan. Nithin was additionally styled well in the film.

Going to the chief Merlapaka Gandhi, he has made a nice showing with the change. He doesn’t analyze a lot and exhibited what was required. In the event that he would have added greater power to the dramatization, things would have been extraordinary.

Maestro Trailer

Final Words

In general, Maestro is a devoted revamp of Andha Dhun and has fascinating rushes. Nithin and Tamannah shoulder the film with their champion exhibitions. Every one of the people who have seen the first will without a doubt miss the dramatization a bit. Yet, the individuals who have not will wind up preferring this thrill ride which was some acceptable anticipation components.

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