Malaika Arora made this significant choice in the wake of the announcement of her marriage to Arjun Kapoor.

Malaika Arora Post: It’s wedding season in Bollywood right now; singer Palak Muchhal just wed Mithun. Another wedding bell seems to be going to ring at the same moment.

Arjun Kapoor and Mikaela Arora’s wedding is highly anticipated by their fans. By posting a post, Malaika has also provided such a clue. The information the actress posted on social media on November 10 suggests that Malaika would soon become Arjun’s bride as well.

Malaika posted the image and acknowledged it.

On her social media page, Malaika really posted a photo of herself along with the message, “Yes. That is, it is obvious from this that Malaika has agreed to marry Arjun. This image shows a bashful Malaika donning a black attire.

Supporters congratulate

In addition, after reading this article, the fans are eager to learn when this pair got married. Some followers are praising Malaika’s tweet.

have made their relationship public in 2019

Let us inform you that Arjun Kapoor has been dating Malaika Arora for a considerable amount of time. They often seem to be having quality time together. Malaika shared a sweet birthday message for Arjun in 2019 to formally declare their romance.

Since then, they have made it a habit to have significant joint objectives. Both of them often continue to post their images on social media. The admirers are now impatiently awaiting their nuptials.