Manya Singh: Miss India runner-up who went to her father’s car in honor .. Wipe away my father’s tears and plant on my mother’s legs! – miss india 2020 runnerup manya singh arrives at fathers autorickshaw for felicitation ceremony


  • Manya Singh is the Miss India 2020 runner-up
  • Manya, who went in her father’s car to the honors function held at the college
  • The mother planted her feet and the father wiped away the tears.

It is known that Telangana girl Manasa Varanasi won the Femina Miss India-2020 crown. Manasa, a 23-year-old from Hyderabad, won the Miss India World 2020 title at the Grand Finale on February 10 in Mumbai. Manya Singh from Uttar Pradesh was the Miss India runner-up while Manika Shiokand from Haryana was the Miss Grand India 2020. Of the three, however, the name of runner-up Manya Singh is currently changing. This is because she is the daughter of an auto driver.

Until yesterday, no one knew about Manya Singh, who was born in Kushinagar, Deoria district in Uttar Pradesh. But, as the Miss India runner-up, everyone’s attention fell on her at once. Manya’s father Omprakash Singh drives an auto in Mumbai. His mother Manorama Devi runs a tailor shop in Mumbai. The story of Manya Singh, a poor girl who grew up with many hardships from an early age and is now the Miss India runner-up, is inspiring to everyone. Manya proved that beauty pageants are not only for the rich but also for the poor. That spirit has now beautified her.

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Manya Singh is very proud of her family background even after becoming the Miss India runner-up. She said she spent many nights without food and sleep. He said he walked many miles to save money. He said that his parents worked hard to promote him and fulfill his art. He said that he was able to reach this level due to their sacrifice.

“When I was 14, I boarded a train in our village. I left for Mumbai to realize my arts. I didn’t know then where to start. But, I only knew that the goal was to reach the top. When I came out of Mumbai station I saw First Place Pizza Hut. Unexpectedly I got a part time job in it. Temporary accommodation was also provided. Two days later I phoned my dad. Dad was the only one crying. Today I told my father I had the courage. I said it should be right here. My uncle came to Mumbai the next day, ”said Manya Singh.

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Many photos and videos are currently shaking the internet. Most importantly, Manya Singh’s father’s car going to the honors function at his college in Mumbai is attracting everyone. Manya was sitting behind her mother, while her father was driving the auto. Manya came in an auto from home to college .. As soon as the auto landed at the college, she bowed at her mother’s feet. The father wiped away the tears with tears of joy. He took off his crown in the house of honor and placed it on his father. Everyone who saw these scenes was praising Shabash Manya.

Auto driver daughter Miss India runner up .. father traveling in auto


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